her eyes blue like cold lake superior
hair white and sparse; every curl so precious
age covered her face
like a burka

what’s that, aunt bessie?
a flower bed

how beautiful – to sleep on overgrown
lilies of the valley

alone in the big white house
on county road five

i miss her.


So. I’m back from Africa. I’m sorry there were no posts while I was gone. We did not have internet at all. It was actually nice.

I would love to write a complete and thorough account right now, but I simply don’t have the energy. I’m trying to get back to normal, but my body is not letting me. It’s tired and cranky and only wants to get chocolate, which is not helpful.

however, shortly, I will be posting something with a lot more detail.

So for now,
I’m healthy (just tired)
happy (to be home)
hepped up (on goofballs…just kidding. i love inside jokes with myself, although, my cousin joe might get that one…)
hoping to update you soon.


It’s here. I’m leaving for Africa tomorrow. Most likely, this will be my last post for a good, long time. I don’t know if I will have any internet in Swaziland.

What I do know is, I will have a tremendous group of people praying for me. I can already tell they are. I’m grateful for that and all the provision sent my way! I am truly blessed.

But mostly, what I want to say right now is:

Dear Abba,

Thank You for conforming my dreams to Yours and then giving me one of my dearest wishes – to meet my family in Africa. May many more come into the family in the next 12 days.

Love You more than anything.

Your daughter,


See you all in October!

I am leaving for Africa in three days. Just three.

And I want to give a shout-out to the Lord for providing me with abundantly above what I asked for or imagined! I am about $500 over my goal now and asking Him what He would like me to do with that money. What kinds of blessings I can bring to the people in the way of provision!


So…I’m leaving in eight days for Swaziland! There’s still much to do and think about and plan before I go, but regardless if I’m ready or not, the trip comes. I fly out on Thursday, Sept. 29 and arrive in Swazi on Saturday morning.

I’ve heard from some of my teammates and they all seem like great people. I’m excited to meet them and even more excited to meet Swazis – learn from them and at the same time, bring something unique from God for them. I’m seeking the Lord on what He would have me tell them and believing Him for a connection with at least one person.

We will be working with younger children and I can’t help but feel that the story of Samuel is appropriate. Hannah sought God in her desperation to have a child and escape the oppression and persecution of her husband’s other wife. She went into the temple and cried out in her heart to the Lord, not caring if she looked foolish. And when Eli saw her and she explained why she acted so, he blessed her. That prophetic blessing was enough – Hannah KNEW God would answer and so she left the matter in His hands and went back to her family with joy.

God answered her faith and not only provided her a child, but a son to be lent to Him all the days of his life, who she named Samuel – “God hears”.  All Samuel’s days, he would speak to God and God would hear him. When Samuel was weaned, (which some have said could have been as young as 3) he went to serve God in the temple.

What I want to share with the children is that even at a young age, you can serve God, speak to Him and know that He hears you. That God loves children just as much as he loves adults. That God loves Swazis and they are important to Him.

I think often about how when a disaster happens, we want to know if any Americans were affected. But God cares about all the people of the world and as Christians, we should  recognize all life as precious, regardless of the color or culture it wears.

Back to the title, so where is Swaziland? At the center of God’s heart, that’s where.

I now an the owner of a plane ticket that will take me around 8,000 miles away from home. I will leave on a Thursday night and arrive in Swaziland on a Saturday morning. Let me tell you, those are looooooooooooooong flights!

My imagination is full of 3–6 year old Swazi children and how I will possibly entertain them and communicate with them. Although, love knows every language and I hope I can communicate that in a boundary-less way.

My team has shrunk down to 1o women and one man. Although, my excitement is starting to grow.

And I’m starting to learn to let go of things and take myself out of the boxes I’ve kept myself in for so long. It’s time to come out of the cocoon and show the world my wings.

So….turns out, I’m leaving for Africa in three weeks-ish…but I don’t have a flight per see. This might be a problem, in that, if I have to walk and swim there, I might have had to leave…hmm…two years ago?

I’m down the wire and the need for more prep is all up in my face. Why was it a good idea to take a trip to Montana so close to Africa? I don’t know, but I know what I learned there will help in Africa. For instance, if I wrap my toes with athletic tape ahead of time, I don’t get blisters.

Anyhoo, keep praying for me. This might not be as stressful as I’m making it out to be, but I would really like to give my travel agent the go-a-head to purchase my ticket by the end of the week, something that can only happen if I get about $300 more bones in my account. If you want to help with the moolah part, click on donate up there in the right-hand corner.


Thanks, all!!!


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