So I’ve raised over half of what I need for my trip! I’m believing that I will have enough for my plane ticket by Friday so my travel agent can book it. I need about $1000 more for the ticket.

Thank you so much to those of you who have given! I really, genuinely appreciate it and feel incredibly blessed!

Until I have time to write a longer post, check out what the Lonely Planet has to say about Swaziland. (picture courtesy Lonely Planet.)


Is it possible for epiphanies to come in tiny portion sizes? Because, I have these moments where I think “I’m going to Africa….wait, I’m FOR REAL GOING TO AFRICA!”

There’s a difference between planning for a trip and preparing for a trip. Planning can be taken outside of emotions and can exist in a more abstract process.

Planning: “I will probably need a bandanna because I bet I’m only going to get to shower like once…”

Preparing: “It’s okay to let go of showering and be dirty and sweaty. It doesn’t change who you are.”

Planning: “Oh, I need to pay the rest of my deposit today.”

Preparing: “I just paid $950 to AIM because I’M ACTUALLY GOING TO AFRICA.”

Planning: “I need to pack lots of bug stuff because mostitos carry malaria and deluge fever.”

Preparing: “I’m declaring complete health over my team and that we will lay hands on the sick and they will recover. There is going to be actual sick people and they are actually going to be healed because I represent the Almighty God and He is a healer. Okay, so let’s choose what scriptures I’m standing on for that…”

There are many steps to take; my feet can’t fail me now.

Apparently, black mambas are not black in color, they are gray. However, their mouths are black inside. Oh great, because they aren’t scary enough.

The reason why this is applicable is because Swaziland has black mambas. Because they don’t have enough problems!

Did I mention that I have a snake phobia? And that black mambas are particularly poison.

But God already provided a way out. Luke 10:19: “Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”

Add that to the prayer list…

Swaziland is one of the world’s last surviving true monarchies. King Mswazi III can not only appoint his own cabinet, but also the prime minister and judiciary. He is only bound by traditions and he cannot choose his own heir. He also practices polygamy.

After I gave my letters out, the dean of my department came to me and told me that he went to school with a man from Swaziland who happened to be a brother of the current king. He had three wives. When Dr. Bond asked him how many children, he said he honestly didn’t know.

What an interesting environment to minister the gospel in!

For more information on King Mswazi III, visit his wikipedia page.

When I was walking towards this trip, I asked the Lord to shut the door if this wasn’t His will. Then my application got accepted. I realized that I could also ask for more open doors to confirm it.

It’s kind of a long story but, insurance is paying for some of my vaccinations, my flexible health care spending account that I was going to use for dental work (Dentist said I am good until winter!) will pay for the rest and hopefully, the malaria medicine.

Before I even applied, I prayed “God, I need $75 for my application fee to make this a go. I need it by the end of the week.” Saturday night around midnight, someone handed me a check for $100.

Then I passed out my letters and every donation has been an open door to me. I’m praying for the continuation of the confirmation.

I also take it as confirmation that when I think about Africa and what I’m about to experience, I feel unprepared. That’s a big set up to lean entirely on the Holy Spirit, the Word and my training from Real Life Ministries! Oh and Aubrie’s constant encouragement that we’re more ready that we realize.

It very much feels like no matter how much I plan ahead, I’m jumping off a cliff in to the sea, hoping what rocks lay below can be avoided through total reliance on the Lord and angelic help!

And the prayers of the saints. 🙂

So today is the deadline for my first down payment. I am only $99 away from the mark!

I looked up the weather for October in Swaziland – apparently, it’s a balmy 72 degrees! From the Web site I looked at, it seems like the weather fluctuates from 50 to 75 all year round. Praise the Lord for a temperate zone!

Hey, FYI, any money I get above the amount I need to raise will go to buying supplies/medication/gifts for the kids and workers at the care points we’re going to work at.

Thanks for all those who have given! I feel VERY blessed! Only $2650 left to go!


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